Taliban claims responsibility for afghanistan attacks and kills one in western Kabul, US claims

Jamaat-ul-Tayyiba claims responsibility for the suicide bombings, claiming responsibility for a suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afghan officials claim to al-Arabiya. “Taliban claimed responsibility for o로투스 홀짝ne suicide bombing targeting a convoy of army vehicles,” Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman said, adding “Taliban has carried out several suicide bombings of Afghan border police posts with suicide vests.”

A total of 22 killed and more than 50 wounded, as far as we know, in bombings in Kabul, two Afghan interior ministry officials told Reuters.

The Afghan ministry spokesperson had earlier called a suicide bomber that exploded near the border post in the western part of Afghanistan that is the main entry point to the northern province of Tajikistan a “Taliban suicide bomber”.

He claimed the suicide bomber blew up while the vehicle was leaving the post.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attacks across the country. In a statement to the media, the group accused the authorities and the United States of using the war to destabilize the country.

The Afghan government has yet to confirm the suicide attack and has not responded in kind to the allegations.

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Al Jazeera's Rana Jawad, r인터넷 카지노eporting from Afghanistan, said all the security officials said that the suicide attack was an attack by militants “based on their grievances against the government and the international coalition that supported the Taliban”.