South african train crash kills 19 in India

India says it has lost contact with missing train conductor

New Zealand's Ministry of Transport says Indian coast guard failed to follow instructions on tracking the missing man

Cities in west Africa, India, Indonesia and Thailand are reporting the disappearance of people.

The missing person has been identified as Anushraj Mishra.

Cease-fires in several places have ended iSM 카지노n violence since the weekend when two Indian Railways coaches carrying passengers on a high-speed line, the South Central Express (SCES), went missing.

The injured train driver, Jeev Kulkarni, was killed in the incident.

Mr Mishra had been on board a group of 20 people, most of whom were not from India, who were supposed to be on a return journey between Kerala and Sri Lanka by train.

Image: The missing man has been identified as Anushraj Mishra

Police said the train is located in Baroda district about 20km west of Pune, northern India. It was a train of the State Central Railway Company (SCRC), according to local media reports.

A SCRC spokesman told Indian news agency PTI, “As per all information available, the train was scheduled to arrive on time at Baroda, but was not at time of departure as it had to take up a different route.

“In such an event, if train #2334 was involved then a member of the group would have been carrying the luggage that the train was not carrying.”

The statement added: “All safety procedures were followed and if necessary for the safety of the train it was reported that all available measures were taken.”

A passenger, who asked not to be identified, told The Telegraph that the incident occurred while passengers were waiting at a stop for the train.

The세종출장샵y were returning to Pune from their return journey from Kerala at around 1am.

“The whole area in front o부산 출장 안마f us looked very chaotic. We were only passing the stop in front of us and as the train left, the entire area around us turned red,” he said.

“After the train left Baroda at around 1am, there was an odd commotion outside the rail station itself, which had a lot of students and young mothers with children walking towards it. The train came and went and then came back.”

He said that it took about 15 minutes for everyone in the train to board. “No one ha