Rudd calls for aust withdrawal strategy


New Labor leader Bill Shorten wants to pull Australia out of the United Nations’ carbon market by pulling its climate change commitments at the end of this decade.

Key points: Bill Shorten calls for “one nation, one budget”

Opposition says this will lead to more poverty

Senator Brown says cuts are wrong but not urgent

Mr Shorten said his plan would reduce emissions by 20 per cent, or $50 billion from the current $110 billion.

“I'm talking about cutting the cost of emissions down to zero by 20 per cent,” he said.

He has also announced $18 billion over two years to build about 1,000 wind farm sites at an additional cost of $9.5 billion.

And, Mr Shorten said if it took three years for him to introduce his carbon price and it was only on a wholesale여수출장마사지 basis, he would have paid $6.5 billion — over 20 years and under his carbon tax.

The Coalition has not formally launched its national emissions trading scheme (NTSP), but it hopes to be introduced in 2016.

It has made the NTSP the most contentious in its election campaign by attacking Labor's plan to fund it out of a $100-billion surplus.

Australia will have to pay billions more in emissions cuts over the next 2출장0 years under the Coalition policy, the Treasurer Joe Hockey said at a press conference this week.

The Coalition is in opposition and has refused to answer questions about how many Australians would benefit from its policies, such as the carbon price or net emissions reductions.

Senator Brown this morning questioned whether the Coalition's carbon tax and the policy for introducing the NTSP would actually have any impact on emissions.

“The Turnbull Government says it will cut emissions by three million tonnes annually, but what exactly are those emissions reductions?” he said.

“How will you determine it?

“If you're cutting emissions, if you're getting your electricity from fossil fuels, the emissions will remain the sam포항출장샵e.

“How are you going to measure that?”

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