Mount isa hoons caught out by storm.”

The day of the attack, police used cuffs on the men, in the face of anger from the residents, and on the streets themselves. Residents complained that the cops took away their cars, stripped them, beat them and arrested many of them.

The state's police chief, Sanang, promised the governor to take tough action against police who “disrupt public order and endanger the lives of police officers.”

As the attack intensified over the weekend, residents said the city had to be evacuated to protect them. Some were forced to march towards the nearest police station포항출장안마 포항출장마사지 and wait outside while tear gas and pepper balls hit them.

It's understood that the assault on카지노사이트추천 Friday was one of the deadliest in the city in years. On Sunday, residents said around three hundred people had turned up for the annual강원출장마사지 parade.