Kerin to launch liberals mt gambier campaign in Bihar-Punjab vote

The second issue is not so easy to deal with. We need to ensure tha여수출장샵t we are on good terms with the Centre and, if not, then at least with the people, so that we can put a different face on the country. In that respect, we are very pleased and pleased that we've gotten so far. We want to keep on pushing for greater freedom, more equality, greater development. We want people to be less scared of being discriminated against and less apprehensive. I think the most important part is that we want India to get beyond its present borders and be a country that we would want to go back to. That's what India is supposed to do.

The BJP has been in power for five years. Will Modi lead the party back to power?

Of course, we are happy with the new government but I am concerned that there will be s모바일 카지노ome bad-mouthing going on at that time. If I'm the P청주출장마사지M, it's very hard to get confidence from people who are committed to the prime minister. They will take criticism. But I want to be on record now that the BJP will not make an apology and that it will not apologize for its record. The past is a lesson that we will have to learn.