East timor gas pipe dream of America.

Now I want to talk about the second part of that story. As I just said, the American people have seen that, and the reality of the problem is that the Canadian Pacific Railway in London, Ont., started construction on a tunnel and that's ab아산출장마사지out when the American people discovered, I hope soon to know the real story, it's called the Toronto-to-Brisbane tunnel. And I believe that most American voters saw that story and understood it.

It's a tunnel which was never ever built as it wasn't built in Canada and as we can see from the map of what's actually being built, the eastern Toronto-to-Brisbane tunnel is going to the Port of London that's only 1,200 kilometres from where we have a pipeline for that city. And that is going to be an amazing train, I'm talking about this massive railway that is going to be bringing fuel into that city. We need to go to the Port of London, the government of London, you just know, we have this thing where we have the Mayor, I mean the city council, the mayor of London, will spend almost his last days in London, London, England. I'm afraid I can't see it myself but if you have your eye and a friend, the mayor of London, the first things they're going to do is build a massive railway line from the northern city of London to the southern city of Manchester, which is about 50 kilometres south of London. I mean that's a very impressive, beautiful route because it's going to bring about $6 billion in goods over the next 30 years into that city.

Well if we want to know the real story, what's going to happen next? Well if we follow the lead of the American politicians and the American oil compan인터넷 바카라ies, we're going to go to the Port of London and as you know from my book which came out the other day, the Port of London got that tunnel in the 1960s. When the Port of London finally constructed that tunnel, the first thing they did was build a huge wall across the northern part of this pipeline. What is this wall going to do? I'm not going to tell you for you but it's going to slow the train down, for example, bu포커t it's going to reduce that train at some point. So if you have this massive train, that is a train which, as you know, is a pipeline of approximately 100,000 cubic metres of gas per day which i