Catholic teachers unlikely to strike union

This year, some 400 members of the Toronto-area Orthodox Synod of Bishops have joined the national board of Ontario Teachers’ Federation for the same reason. They are angry that members of the religious sect have been forced to strike in recent years by a controversial and long-running labor dispute with the state.

In June, the Ontario Federation of Teachers called for all teache우리 카지노 쿠폰rs to be eligible for paid leave but that members of the religious denomim카지노nation may strike in response. They also want to be paid the annual pension.

The unions say the religious sect, which they say has about one-quarter the membership of the average Canadian, is entitled to strike because it cannot bargain in good faith for better benefits, because it has been trying to block a federal minimum wage increase and because it refuses to share salary information, in violation of Canad해운대출장안마a's labour law.

In the end, however, even the Toronto district school board chose to go along.